Inbred to the limit of their genetic capability 
to maintain the state when they were acquired.

 JJ Out & Out Kelso - A trio was acquired from Firebird. They are pea comb, light reds and white high stationed. They break high and throw lots of feet. They had been fought and proven winners as straight breds and when crossed with batchoys and hulseys, excellent with george neal kelso.

 George Neal Kelso - A pair was acquired from a friend who got his fowls from GN. They are light reds, pea comb with dirty white medium station. When in-bred, some offsprings come out dark legged probably due to a hatch blood. They break, and throw lots of feet and are good counter punchers. They are fast and strong. They blend well with either kelso or hatch.

 Travis Clark Kelso - a one time winner with a blueblade wingband was given by ADL San luis together with his daughter.