Inbred to the limit of their genetic capability 
to maintain the state when they were acquired.



These are the various bloodlines we had acquired which we continue to linebreed. We are  maintaining them as they were acquired and are being bred without any infusion as possible.

We had acquired and breed the Dan Gray Roundheads of Gerry Escalona, The Johnny Jumper Out and Out Kelsos of Biboy Enriquez and Lemon Guapo of Mayor Juancho Aguirre. We also breed Dink Fair $5k Sweaters from SM Farms, Bruce Burnett Double Right and Left-out from imported broodfowls, Gilmore Hatches from a Blandy Roland Gilmore broodcock acquired through Bomar Farms and a BB Gilmore broodhen acquired through Firebird. We also have linebred Mc Lean High Action Hatch acquired from 3J Farms. We also got a trio of Black Phoenix from Rob.

Other acquisitions are, a pair of Yellow Legged Hatch from Firebird,  pairs of Richardson Grays and Butchers from Crowsland, a pair each of Jr. Belt Cowan Roundheads, a Possum line trio of Dink Fair,a pair each of George Neal Kelsos and Joe Sanford Sweaters sent by friends in the U.S., a pair of Madigin Clarets from Redstone Gamefarm and trios of Dink Possum Sweaters, Boston Roundheads, Albanys, Batchoy and Hulsey Grays from RBU Farm. We had just acquired pairs of Perry Hatch and Mel Sims Hatch and we were gifted with a Jimmy Johnson California Hatch from Tony Lasala.  We also acquired Cardinal Kelsos, Leiper Hatch, Wfitehackle and Clarets from EDL Excellence and the famed Cali Hatch of Reongmanchi of RJR Moncada. We are line breeding them and had crossed them with other lines. The battle crosses that we produce are tested in the stag and bullstag derbies. Even as bullstags, they were fought in cock derbies with encouraging results. They are featured at MAJ Pit Fighters.

We had developed our own lines of off-colored fowls. We have the whites, the blacks and the golds which had all been pit tested and proven. Our doms, hennies and  blues are being developed as per design. You can visit them at the HAJMA LINES .

We had also developed our own strains  of Lemon, Kelso, Roundhead, Sweater, Hatches and Grays. They have their site at HERMICH LINES.

We are linebreeding the straightbred fowls we acquired, First, to check their purity and authenticity and second, to maintain the bloodline as we had acquired them. We are practicing selective reciprocal mating to be able to produce good broodfowls. As we intend to sell most of what we produce, we do not lie about our fowls just to make a sale because we don't want prospective buyers to have the same experience we had with some unscrupulous breeder sellers. We encourage prospective buyers to visit our farm to have the fowls inspected and our records scrutinized before making any purchase.

Game Fowl Custom Breeding is an art of creating battle strains in accordance with a certain design until the ability to mass produce off-springs consistently similar to a chosen prototype especially in plumage, station, body conformation and fighting style is attained.